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Feb 09 2018

Our kiddos are busy getting ready for Valentine's Day (and parties) next week.  With bulletin boards full of decorated hearts and more Valentines arriving each day, it's a great time of year to show our friends how much we love them. 

We've missed some sweet friends this week while they've been out sick.  Get well soon!!!  We've heard of some viruses and both strains of the flu, so please be sure to keep an eye out for sickness and keep them snug at home as long as needed.  We're giving everything an extra dose of cleaning these days, but home is the very best medicine. 

Busy busy days happening here.  We've had science days with Ms. Beth, chapel times, and we loved seeing our dads (and dad stand-ins) last week during our annual Donuts with Dads.  It's always an extra-special extra-sugary way to start the morning and let our kiddos show off their daddies and their classrooms.  Registration for next year is rolling right along as we had a busy week of phone calls welcoming new families into our school.  We're looking forward to Winter Break the week of the 18th and only a few weeks to go until Spring Kindermart the week of March 5.  Get ready!