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Payment via PayPal

Prices Below Include All PayPal Fees incurred by the Preschool.  You are welcome to pay by cash or check to avoid the transaction costs associated with card purchases.  

Please click 'Add To Cart' below for the appropriate class(s) to pay your tuition. You may pay for multiple classs by clicking the button under each one. You may also pay for multiple students who are in the same class by selecting the number of students in the appropriate drop-down menu. Click the PayPal button (labeled with PP and your total) when you are finished to enter your payment information. Once you enter your information please click ADD next to the Note To Seller prompt and enter your child or children's name(s). Thank you!  Note: All online payments include processing fees.

If you still need to register your child, click HERE to download the Registration Form. 

Tuition Deposit $307.00  
2 Year 2 Day $767.50  
2 Year 3 Day $926.00  
3 Year 2 Day $818.50  
3 Year 3 Day $982.00  
4 Year 4 Day $1,156.00  
4 Year 5 Day $1,324.50  
5 Year Kindergarten $1,483.00